NBA November 2 Lakers VS Pacers online live broadcast address
NBA November 2 Lakers VS Pacers online live broadcast Address: Interactive graphic live broadcast of the game live room Game nature: NBA regular season against both parties: Indiana Pacers (1-2) VS Los Angeles Lakers (1-2) Game time: Beijing timeNovember 2nd 7:00 Competition location: Bankers Life Arena Game anchor: Rake, shortbread Game background: Indiana Pacers and Los Angeles Lakers start the new season in the same way, both won home games in the opener,After that, they suffered a two-game losing streak.  Jeff Teague, the new star point guard who has joined the team, has turned up in Indiana, averaging only 8 points, 20% shooting and 0% three-point shooting.For the Pacers, it was even worse for backup point guard Aron Brooks to play because of a sore right knee. Ronnie Stucky was also trapped by a hamstring injury.  This is a new group, we need time to run in, Pacers coach McMillan said in an interview after losing to the Bulls, as a group, we need to work harder.  The biggest gain for India City is second-year potential star Myers Turner, who has averaged 21 points and 10 points per game since starting as a starting center.3 boards 1 help 3.3 caps, hit rate is as high as 61.9%; Paul George, the son of the Indian city, also contributed steadily to 22.3 points and 6 boards 3.7 help.Although the two played so well, they still need the support of other teammates if they want something in the east.  He is an All-Star. When Pickle talked about Teague’s poor performance, he said that he would come back through the way of fighting. We are not worried about him.  The Pacers Air Force’s winning weapon is their proud defense, but the first three games of the screaming defense made them pay a painful price. They were hit by Brooklyn with 118 points, and in Chicago, the Bulls made a 52% hit.rate.The next stop against the Lakers with good offensive firepower, Indian City’s defense needs to be strengthened.  For the Pacers, there is a sweet schedule in November and there are 11 homes in 15 games, which gives them a good opportunity to run in.  The Los Angeles Lakers entered the post-Kobe era, defeating the Houston Rockets at home opener, but then defeated Salt Lake City and Russia City.Next they will visit Indiana and Atlanta, and finally return to the main city to meet the Golden State Warriors.  In the last game against the Thunder, Randall’s multiple 2 + 1 performances were heartening.He averaged 15 points and 6 points per game this season.7 boards 3.3 assists and hit rate as high as 67.9% is currently the most stable player in the Lakers.  This season I have more confidence. Through the advancement of the game, I know how to use my physical strength. Randall’s thesis. I feel good now. My physical condition is much better than when I was injured.  Although the team’s record is average, young coach Luke Wharton is still satisfied with the team’s performance: I really like the attitude of these guys who dare to play and dare to fight on the court.  Both sides of this game have a lot of problems. The biggest problem for the Pacers is that they averaged 114 points per game (the second highest in the league); and the deadly illness for the Lakers is 18 per game.3 turnovers (most in the league).But what they can talk to comfort is a fairly good offense.  PS: In this game, the Lakers first-year rookie Ingram will also accept the baptism of pickled peppers.  Starting predictions: Lakers: Russell, Nick Young, Roll Deng, Randall, Mozgov Pacers: Teague, Ellis, Paul George, Sardis Young, Turner