A letter to say goodbye to the internet, this way of retiring is very Sharapova
Shava announced the end of her 18-year career.Figure / Osports Last night, the former WTA world first, five-time grand slam winner Sharapova published an article on social media to announce his retirement, this way of retirement is in line with Sharapova’s personality.In an interview before, Sharapova said that he would not announce his retirement to fans all over the world on the court.”How to put down the only life I know?How to leave the training ground since childhood?How to say goodbye to fans who have supported you for more than 28 years?All this is brand new to me, so please forgive me.Tennis, I have to say goodbye.”Last night, Sharapova, 32, announced his retirement through social media, ending his 18-year career.In this farewell letter, Sharapova recalled the practice of starting tennis at the age of 4 and flying from Siberia with his father at the age of 6, “The tennis stars I saw on TV seemed untouchable.But slowly, after training day after day, this almost mythical world becomes more and more real.”In his career, Sharapova has won five Grand Slams, two of which won the most unfavorable clay field.In this farewell letter, Sharapova recalled the fact that he got his first Grand Slam at Wimbledon at the age of 17, “I am naive at the age of 17, and I was still collecting stamps at that time, and I did not understandThe significance of victory.”As Djokovic said, Sharapova is a fighter, she never gives up on the court.When swinging the court, Sharapova also revealed for the first time how she kept her fighting spirit, “My advantage is that I never feel that I am better than other players, and even feel that I am on the edge of a cliff.If you are not careful, you will fall.This is why I returned to the court time and time again to find a way to climb up.”Sharapova compares tennis to high mountains. She said that she walked through troughs and bypassed long distances, but everything she saw on the top of the mountain was unparalleled.Today, Sharapova is ready to climb another mountain and go to another very different land to continue to compete. “The pursuit of victory will never disappear. I will devote the same focus and the same passion regardless of the future., And all the things learned along the way.”Without applause, no tears, no hugs, Sharapova announced her retirement in such a way that the fans were caught off guard, which is also very in line with her character.In the previous interview, Sharapova said that she would not announce at which station she would retire early. She did n’t like this way. “I feel that I do n’t need to walk on the court to announce to all the fans in the world.This is my last game.Even when I was young, I did not want to end my career in this way.”Sauna, Ye Wang Sun Haiguang editor Wang Xihuang proofread He Yan