Li Guoqing: The board of directors decided that Li Guoqing should manage Dangdang as chairman and others
On the evening of April 26, Li Guoqing announced an announcement with the official seal of Beijing Dangdang Kewen Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd.According to the announcement, according to the resolutions of the shareholders’ meeting and the board of directors, Li Guoqing implemented the management of Dangdang as chairman and general manager.The announcement showed that Li Guoqing requested to participate in the Dangdang shareholders’ meeting and set up the board of directors. Yu Yu did not agree, and the company’s supervisors had not merged their powers.Therefore, Li Guoqing convened the shareholders’ meeting in accordance with the provisions of the company law.Dangdang’s minority shareholders participated in the shareholders ‘meeting and supported Li Guoqing, elected Li Guoqing as chairman and general manager, and the shareholders’ meeting resolution was approved by more than half of shareholders.Yu Yu is still a shareholder and director of the company.The announcement also stated that Li Guoqing founded Dangdang Company on November 9, 1999.In 1996, Li Guoqing and Yu Yu got married, and Yu Yu acquired equity in Dangdang Company, and gradually stepped into the management of Dangdang Company.Li Guoqing and Yu Yu are not divorced. Dangdang shares are half of the joint property of the husband and wife.The announcement stated that Dangdang Company recognized Li Guoqing as the company’s chairman and general manager.Yu Yu started a dialogue with Li Guoqing in accordance with the qualifications of shareholders and directors.No company statement without the official seal of Dangdang Company can represent the company.Sauna, Ye Wang Cheng Zijiao promised to edit Yue Caizhou proofreading Jia Ning