Sports Morning News: 15 new people diagnosed in La Liga, Wu Lei is home with sufficient supplies
Beijing News News The Spanish Club officially announced yesterday that after testing a team of players and staff for the new crown virus, a total of 6 people were positive.It is reported that Chinese player Wu Lei is not among them.Details >> Diagnosed by 6 Spanish, Wu Lei’s situation caused fans to worry a little later, Wu Lei revealed his current situation in the weekly diary: “First of all, thank you for your concern, because of the relationship between the epidemic, the club’s original trainingThe league is suspended, our team is isolated at home, waiting for the moment of improvement.Wu Lei revealed that this week, Spain closed the public places, announced the closure of the city, and persuaded the public to stay at home as much as possible to control the spread of the epidemic.”I saw that many fans are very concerned about the life of me and my family, especially the fans have entrusted my media friends to send me masks. I am very touched. Now my family has enough protective materials and the club will have enough stocks to provide., Please rest assured.Wu Lei said. However, the current situation in La Liga is not optimistic.Last night, Alaves released official news. After testing, a total of 15 people in the team were infected with new coronary pneumonia, including 3 players, 7 coaches and 5 staff.At present, these 15 people have no obvious symptoms and are in good condition.Prior to this, Valencia had already been diagnosed with 35% of the first team coaches and players.详情>>瓦伦西亚35%成员检测呈阳性编辑 王希翀 校对何燕更多阅读>>东京奥运会资格赛,国际乒联月底定方案篮网4人确诊,杜兰特也中招中甲梅州客家队1. The willful extension of the French Open with a positive foreign aid test is a contempt for other tournaments