Budweiser Asia Pacific: Expected to be close to 3 billion in the first quarter, and revenue growth may resume in the second half of the year
According to the latest data released by Budweiser Asia-Pacific, according to the company’s forecast, its sales in China in April this year fell by about 17% compared with the same period last year.And its first quarter results showed that due to the impact of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, the company’s revenue fell 39% throughout the quarter, the first quarter net error of 41 million US dollars (nearly 300 million yuan), of which China’s market revenue decreased by 45.4%.But Budweiser Asia Pacific expects to return to normal operating levels in the second quarter.An announcement issued by Budweiser Asia Pacific on May 7 shows that Budweiser Asia Pacific achieved revenue in the first quarter of 20209.5.6 billion US dollars, compared with 16 in the same period in 2019.$ 0.6 billion decreased by about 6.500 million US dollars, according to the statistical caliber released by Budweiser Asia Pacific 39%.In fact, in the first quarter, Budweiser Asia Pacific also suffered heavy losses in the Chinese market. Although it has adopted an active e-commerce sales strategy, it is still difficult to reduce the impact of the epidemic on traditional channels.In the first quarter of 2020, China’s market revenue and sales volume decreased by 45, respectively.4% and 46.5%.Regarding the decrease in sales volume, Budweiser Asia Pacific stated that it was mainly affected by the new coronary pneumonia epidemic. In addition, due to the increase in sales before the price increase in South Korea in April 2019, it is difficult to compare with the number in the first quarter of 2019.The reporter noticed that on February 27 this year, Budweiser Asia-Pacific had predicted the impact of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic on the company’s performance when it announced its results. The epidemic will cause a decrease in revenue in the first two months of 20202.8.5 billion US dollars, but judging from the currently released data, the impact of Budweiser’s Asia-Pacific epidemic in March was more obvious.As Budweiser Asia-Pacific reported lower-than-expected first-quarter results, after the results were announced, Budweiser Asia Pacific contracted and declined on May 7.53%, closed at 21.20 manufacturing / shares.However, after the opening on May 8, beer stocks showed an upward trend, Budweiser Asia Pacific stocks to 21.40 destroyed / shares opened, the highest reached 22.45 construction / shares, the final closing price is 22.35 construction / shares, closing gains reached 5.42%, the company’s latest total market variable is 2959.900 million euros.It is reported that many places in the country have entered the high temperature ranking earlier than in previous years.The analysis of previous people believes that small household appliances, beer, dairy products, scenic spots and other related listed companies driven by the concept of summer heat are the first to promote the recovery.With the current recovery of the catering industry and rising temperatures, beer sales are expected to continue to rise.Furui issued a research report that pointed out that Budweiser Asia Pacific shares may be bought at a low price. It is expected that the demand for nightlife will gradually recover, and the income will increase actively in the second half of the year, and the recovery momentum will exceed that of its peers.The bank lowered its target price by 6 from 32 yuan.25% to 30 yuan.Furui pointed out that Budweiser has also increased its market share in retail and e-commerce channels in recent months, which will contribute to the growth in demand recovery. Since the first quarter results were worse than expected, Budweiser will 2020Sales and net profit expectations are lowered by 3% and 11%, respectively.Goldman Sachs published a report analysis, Budweiser Asia Pacific EBITDA fell 68% in the first half of the year, slightly lower than the bank’s expectations, mainly because Budweiser Asia Pacific has a wider coverage in the night market and high-end channels.Public data show that Budweiser Asia Pacific ranks third in China’s beer market, second only to China Resources Beer and Tsingtao Brewery, and ranks first because of its relatively high-end products.Statistics show that Budweiser Asia Pacific has a market share of 46 in the high-end and ultra-high-end beer market in China in 2018.6%, far exceeding Tsingtao Beer 14.4%, CR Snow 11.0%, Carlsberg 4.6%, Heineken 1.7%.Daiwa Research Institute also published a research report that believes that the gradual relief of Asian epidemic prevention measures and Budweiser Asia Pacific ‘s revenue growth will resume in the second half of the year.From the second quarter, the company is expected to gradually increase its market share in South Korea, and the reopening of its sales channels in China will also help increase sales.Sauna, Ye Wang Xu Jingjing Pictures Oriental Fortune APP screenshot editor Xu Jingjing proofreading Li Xiangling