LPGA announces the schedule for next season, with a total prize money of US $ 75.1 million
With the conclusion of the CME Golf Tournament this morning, the 2019 season LPGA officially ended, and the LPGA immediately announced the 2020 season schedule.Next year, LPGA will hold 33 official competitions in 11 countries and regions. In addition, there will be the UL International Crown Cup every two years. The total prize money of the competition will be upgraded again and will reach 75.1 million US dollars.According to the published schedule of the LPGA 2020 season, the largest increase in prize money is the KPMG Women ‘s PGA Championship. The total prize money for the third Grand Slam of this game will increase to 4.3 million US dollars, an increase of approximately 450,000 US dollars per year.In addition, the first Grand Slam of the season-the ANA Championship will increase the total prize money to $ 3.1 million, which is equivalent to an increase of $ 100,000 this year. This is the sixth consecutive year that the tournament has increased prize money since 2015.The remaining prize-growth events include: the Canadian Women ‘s Open ($ 2.35 million, an increase of $ 100,000); the Major LPGA Classic ($ 2.3 million, an increase of $ 300,000); the Dow Great Lakes Invitational ($ 2.3 million, an increase)$ 300,000); Marathon Classic ($ 1.85 million, an increase of $ 100,000); and Texas Classic ($ 1.4 million, an increase of $ 100,000).It is worth mentioning that the 5-year-old Blue Bay Masters will also return next year.As part of the LPGA Asian Spring Series, the event achieved antiques in China ‘s Hainan Island from March 5 to 8, with a total prize money of $ 2.1 million.Editor Zhang Yunfeng proofreading Li Shihui