Parker No. 9 jersey lifted off, Spurs “GDP” era ended
Today, after the Spurs home game against the Grizzlies, the old Spurs star Tony Parker’s jersey retirement ceremony was antiqued on the scene. Duncan, Ginobili, Dior, David Robinson and other old teammates sent for the “French sports car”On the blessing, the former “GDP” combination formally withdrew from the stage of history.Parker looked up at the number 9 shirt over the arena.Video screenshot On June 11 this year, Tony Parker said in an interview with the American media that he will officially retire, “After considering many things, I finally made a decision and I will not play basketball anymore.”Parker was selected by the Spurs at the 28th overall pick in the 2001 draft. He played for the team for 17 seasons and played a total of 1198 regular season games. The” GDP “combination with Duncan and Ginobili became an important part of the Spurs dynasty.cornerstone.During this period, Parker was selected to the All-Star 6 times, 1 time to the best ranking third time, and 3 times to the best ranking second time, respectively in 2003, 2005, 2007 and 2014 to help the Spurs win the championshipThe champion, and in 2007 won the finals MVP, became the first non-American player to win the finals MVP.Until the summer of 2018, Parker left the Spurs to join the Hornets.On March 18, 2019, the Hornets’ away game against the Heat became Parker’s farewell performance. He played 17 minutes off the bench, scoring 11 points and 2 rebounds.So far, Parker has played in 1,254 regular season games, averaging 30 games per game.5 minutes, 15 contributions.5 points, 2.7 rebounds, 5.6 assists, 0.84 steals.Parker’s No. 9 jersey is next to Ginobili’s No. 20 jersey.Video screenshot On December 19, 2016, the Spurs held the retirement ceremony of Duncan’s No. 21 jersey at home; on March 29 this year, the Spurs retired Ginobili’s jersey No. 20 at home; after more than 7 months, ParkerThe No. 9 jersey was also hung over the arena, just next to the No. 21 jersey and the No. 20 jersey, which also symbolized the glory of the era of the “GDP” combination.With the No. 9 jersey lifted off, Parker also became the 10th retired jersey star in Spurs history.Before Parker, nine legendary Spurs stars such as George Gervin, Elliott, David Robinson, Duncan, and Ginobili have won this honor.Parker and his family attended the ceremony.Video screenshot At today’s jersey retirement ceremony, Ginobili said with emotion: “In 15 years, we have experienced more than 1,000 games and experienced victory and defeat together. This is my honor.”Duncan, who has become an assistant coach of the Spurs, said,” Seeing him grow all the way, I respect and increase day by day. He is the most hard-working player on the team. This is an incredible journey.”It is my pleasure to play for you and to play with you.””Parker admitted that Duncan and Ginobili’s impact on his life is self-evident. Besides the court, the stories and friendships on the court are also very rare.” We still communicate every day and always spend time together.Our friendship and bondage are my favorite things. I love you two and we will always be together.”Editor Zhang Yunfeng proofreading Li Shihui