6th NBA video live jazz vs Lakers online viewing address
At 11:30 am on December 6th, Beijing time, the Lakers will play against the Jazz at home. Tencent Sports will broadcast the game live half an hour in advance, so stay tuned.In the last game between the Lakers and the Grizzlies, the Lakers substitute Lu Williams scored 40 points, the Lakers still suffered two consecutive losses.This time we have a strong Jazz at home, let’s take a look at the situation of both parties before the game.Click to watch the Jazz vs. Lakers game:[Click to enter the video live room]Randall’s key player star showdown: Who can shake the Jazz inside tower The recent absence of many Jazz players has not reduced the replacement of Jazz center Gobert, Gobert is in this bookAveraged 10 per game this season.6 points, 11.0 rebounds, he 64.2% field goal percentage is the highest in the league, 2.The number of indicators per game 52 times ranked third in the league.He is also the only player in the league to achieve two numbers in both plays and rebounds, averaging 2 points per game.5 players.  The Lakers don’t have good inside players, but they have strong outside firepower, and the Lakers’ bench is the highest among all NBA teams.Tomorrow’s game, can the Lakers rely on the outside firepower and the strongest substitute to shake the dominance of Jazz Tower?let us wait and see.Highlights of the game: Both teams are full of wounded soldiers. For both the Jazz and the Lakers, injury is a problem they have been paying more attention to recently.And when the two teams meet at the Staples Center tomorrow, they will work hard to overcome the impact of injuries.  The Lakers’ Russell and Nick Young were unable to play due to injuries. Calderon was also injured in the game against the Grizzlies. The Lakers suffered a serious point guard shortage.Little Nance is not sure whether he can play, his state can only be decided before the game.Despite the wounded soldiers, the Lakers’ 10-12 start is still better than most people think.  The situation is better for the Jazz. Although several key players were injured, they have won five of the last six games after defeating the Nuggets 105-98.In that game, the Jazz once led by 23 points, and was almost reversed by the opponent in the last game.Hayward scored 21 points out of 32 points in the third quarter, which was Hayward’s third consecutive game to reach 30 points.  Hayward is currently averaging 22.Eight points, ranking first in the Jazz, he said after the game: I think I will find some energy in the second half of the game.I think our defense is getting better and better. I can get some simple shots, get open shots, and then I feel that the rim becomes bigger and I can score continuously.  In tomorrow’s game, Jazz’s main point guard George Hill and main power forward Derek Faworth are also affected by injuries to varying degrees.Hill’s performance this season is crucial to the Jazz. He averaged 20 points per game and shot 53.4%, 45 three-pointers.6%, but Hill will definitely not be able to play tomorrow.Favors has been troubled by a knee injury for most of the season. He has missed 9 consecutive games before and he strives to return to the Lakers tomorrow.Striker Box continues to be sidelined and he has no clear date of return.Pre-match comment: Wharton Jr. is satisfied with the team’s performance. The Lakers coach Wharton Jr. said in an interview with the Los Angeles Times: With the team’s current injury situation, the game with the Grizzlies was very difficult.I am very happy that our players are fighting hard on the court and playing very hard.We turned several opponents’ mistakes into beautiful offenses and we had a chance to win.In the NBA, it’s not easy to play away on the road, the players do everything they can to win.Match record: The Lakers dominated the historical record. The last match between the two sides, the Jazz sitting at home won the game 96 to 89.In the last 31 years, the two teams played 124 games, of which the Lakers won 66 games, and the Jazz won 58 games. From the historical record, the Lakers have a slight advantage.The two sides are expected to start: Jazz: Hayward, Dior, Gobert, Axam, Hood Lakers: Randall, Deng, Ingram, Mozgov, Huetas